Kansas Plains

red sunflower by martina rathgens

Kansas Plains


the power of words
over an endless skyway
rainstorms cross the plain


sunflower seeds burn bright red
while the kettle’s on


cactus-court stairway
jackalopes surround the lake
honeysuckle whines


daughters and mothers
share sympathetic magic
beautiful troubles


prairie alchemists
write to moon-stained goddesses
riding their shotguns


dragon kite’s mélange
blocks early spring geese pathways
stirs starry-waters


satisfied with dirt
left in homes of famous dead
animus returns


havoc in the house
reaches darkening porches
crowds face their railroads


wild words appear
as poets chase the weather
open thunder-skies


tempests, tornadoes
their second spring lives out loud
naming the fires


no face, just slippage
as they complete Topeka
talk forbidden words


the dark glass woman
still weeps in prairie graveyards
a portrait for two


imagine the woods
unnaturally nappy
as poems uncurl


earthy luck rebirths
glancing old blood calendars
ghosts come back to town


promises suppose
possible geographies
sheltering shadows


through the open doors
into dream-realities
in this good warm place


take inventory
for middle-aged assemblage
watch contortionists


Kansas fields awake
let their summer games begin
beware of tourists


recalling Lot’s wife
memory slips a little
on its way back home


women have landed
inside booths, outside the door
let’s begin again

. . . . .

Poet: Susan Powers Bourne
Source: Kansas Women Poets
Process: Mixed cento haiku


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